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ORLANDO from European Union



from European Union

Orlando was born prematurely in January 2018 to a mother who was less than 14 years old. He experienced a difficult neonatal period during which he spent time on a ventilator and also incurred a brain hemorrhage. Orlando’s diagnoses include hydrocephalus (shunt placed and revised multiple times), multicystic encephalopathy, cerebral palsy (severe spastic quadriparesis), cortical blindness, congenital heart defect, hypospadias, and bilateral cryptorchidism. His development is severely delayed, and he functions at the level of a young infant. Orlando is unable to sit unassisted but tries to roll over in both directions although he can succeed only with help. He can raise and turn his head during tummy time, holds objects placed into his hands, and responds to auditory stimuli. Orlando vocalizes only to communicate strong emotions but uses many facial expressions that allow others to connect with him. Orlando laughs and smiles when interacting with adults and listens to their speech. He shows joy when he hears the familiar voices of preferred caretakers and the happy sounds of other children. He enjoys affectionate touches, quiet music, and gentle conversation. Orlando depends entirely on the care of adults and is still bottle-fed. He is calm during diaper changes and baths. While Orlando does have access to certain interventions, he needs more intensive therapeutic and academic care as well as the love of a devoted family to reach his full potential. A forever family considering this sweet boy must be prepared to address his lifelong needs.
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