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Tripp from European Union



from European Union

Tripp was born in August 2008 and has been diagnosed with grand mal epilepsy. After a hospitalization, however, it was determined that the condition does not require treatment and Tripp has not had a seizure since 2015. A calm and emotionally balanced boy, Tripp exhibits some developmental delays, especially in formal education, and has been working with a resource teacher at school. Upon his placement into a dedicated and experienced foster family in March 2019, Tripp began to make noticeable progress in his development. Prior to this time, he lived with his grandmother in neglectful conditions. Despite large academic gaps, he is a motivated and diligent student who shows interest in his curricular work. Tripp initiates interactions with others and is able to communicate freely, although he does not always share his feelings and experiences. Tripp is conflict-averse, follows the rules at home and at school, and respects adults. He has many friends with whom he likes to play. Tripp is described as a kind-hearted boy who has an incomplete, but favorable, view of adoption.
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