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Aaron from Texas



from Texas

Aaron is a happy and caring teenager with a very loving personality. He enjoys laughing and making others laugh. He is very active and enjoys being outside where he can play basketball, ride his bike and walk. He also likes playing with LEGOS and watching television. He likes race cars as well as pictures of them. He loves shoes and likes to show off his collection. He enjoys being around animals and absolutely loves them. He also likes learning about different animal types. He has some challenges that he is currently addressing and improvements are being made. He attends school where he is making an effort to be sociable. He communicates well and is capable of expressing his needs and desires. Aaron will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Aaron's forever family will excitedly welcome him to their home. His family will provide a healing and structured environment. Aaron's family will provide him unconditional love, consistency, and commitment.

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