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Adriana from Texas



from Texas

Adriana is a vibrant youth who loves to have conversations about anything and is very inquisitive. She is outspoken and expressive with her thoughts but is also very tender-hearted. She is loving and affectionate to younger children. She enjoys crafts and drawing and is a very talented artist. She likes riding her bike and hoverboard, playing at the park, spending time with family, watching movies and TV, and having game nights together. She loves animals, with dogs being her favorite, and she wants a dog of her own to care for and love. Adriana is smart and does well in school academically. She has an extensive vocabulary and is an avid reader. Adriana will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Adriana's family will be loving and kind to each other. Her family will provide reasonable expectations and routine, will use positive reinforcements, has designated family times and one and one time for bonding. Adriana's family will provide structure, routine, clear expectations, and consequence.

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