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Aidan from Texas



from Texas

Aidan is an outgoing and playful young man. He is known to be tech-savvy. He can often be found enjoying time by playing video games and exploring on his laptop. He also enjoys the great outdoors. He enjoys various outside activities, but his top choice is outdoor sports. He is currently into Football and soccer. Aidan enjoys going out to eat and spending time outside of the home. He gets along with his foster siblings and peers. He is a great communicator and is open and honest. He enjoys telling jokes to make others laugh. He is currently doing well in school. He is an A/B student and manages his school life well. Some see Aidan as mature for his age due to his approach to situations. However, he is an all-kid in spirit. Aidan desires to be a part of a loving family where he can be at peace and enjoy his years as a kid.

Aidan's forever family will provide consistent care and support. Aidan is very outgoing and enjoys extracurricular activities. Aidan would benefit from an active family with siblings (young or old). Aidan has stated he would like someone to be a good father to him. Aidan would do best in a home with an active father and structure.

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