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Aiden from Texas



from Texas

Aiden is a very polite and active young boy who loves Minecraft, soccer, and Legos. Aiden wants to be a fry cook when he grows up just like SpongeBob Square Pants. Aiden is on the Autism spectrum. He is clever and quick to learn topics that are of interest to him. He does well with guidance and will verbally communicate his wants, needs or desires. Aiden enjoys school. He has a lot of curiosity and likes to learn and try new things. Pizza, nachos, and spaghetti with meatballs are some of Aiden's favorite foods. He enjoys imagination play and playing on the tablet and PS4. Aiden is very talkative and likes to be silly and make people laugh. He says he can be "goofy" at times. Aiden wishes to own his very own Nintendo Switch one day. He enjoys the outdoors as well as camping. Aiden connects easily with his peers and adults. Those close to Aiden describe him as respectful, well-mannered and a "gentle soul".

Aiden will do well in a family of any constellation. A family that has experience working with children or adults on the Autism spectrum would be ideal. Aiden could be placed in a home with or without other children. Although Aiden likes camping, Aiden does not particularly care to be outdoors too long so a family that is patient and is willing to show Aiden just how much fun it is to play outside, no matter the outdoor activity, would be beneficial. His family would need to be supportive of maintaining a relationship with Aiden's grandparents and siblings who live out of state.

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