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Alexander from Texas



from Texas

Alexander is a very active boy who is full of lots of energy. He has a very sweet and caring personality. Alexander likes shredding paper and wrapping string or yarn around his finger and hands. He really enjoys playing with toys which have texture and loves to use Play-Dough. Alexander loves finger foods, like chicken nuggets and French fries, and likes to drink milk. He really loves deserts like chocolate chip cookies and cakes. Alexander repeats words which are said and is learning to use sign language. Alexander enjoys watching cartoons like Paw Patrol and PJ Mask. His favorite movie is "Coco." Alexander loves the colors red and blue.

Andrea and Alexander are both full of lots of energy and really love being active. They love to do things together as siblings, but also like to play separately at times. The children both love finger foods like chicken fingers or fries, but their favorite food is pepperoni pizza. Andrea is always in charge between the two of them, but they have a great sibling relationship. The children love going to the park and sliding, kicking the soccer ball, and running. They both really, really love animals. Andrea loves dogs, while Alexander loves cats because their fluffy. The siblings really love watching Paw Patrol and all things Disney channel.

Alexander will do well with a family who offers patience and consistency, along with a loving home. His family will be committed to providing Alexander a safe place to express himself and continue to encourage him to achieve his goals. Alexander does well with other children in the home. He responds best to a predictable and structured environment. Alexander has shown consistent progress over time. His family will advocate for him, while providing new challenges to encourage his progress.

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