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Alissa from Texas



from Texas

Alissa is very smart and capable. She has a strong will. She likes playing card games and watching videos on YouTube. She also enjoys being crafty and doing things such as drawing and coloring. Alissa likes to take walks, go to the park, and attend church. She is inquisitive and likes to know what is going on around her. Alissa has a lot of personality and spice! She does well with redirection and is apologetic when needed. She would benefit from having assistance when walking, but due to her strong will, she does not like being assisted. Alissa uses a writing tablet to communicate and is great at spelling. She prefers to use a tablet to help assist others in communicating with her. Alissa will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Alissa's forever family will take care of her needs. Her family will be a loving family with a mother and a father, and maybe one sibling. Her family will provide patience and love.

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