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Allisson from Texas



from Texas

Allisson is a bright, cheerful, and social pre-teen. Her peers and foster parents describe her as an outgoing pre-teenager who knows what she likes. Allisson has a sassy personality and loves being the center of attention. She is able to express herself using a few words and uses her hands and facial expressions to communicate her needs. Allisson understands everything that is told to her. She enjoys watching TV and using her tablet to search on YouTube. Allisson loves to watch musical and gymnastic shows. Her favorite musical is The Go-Go's. Allisson enjoys playing with her toys and watching movies on her iPad. She loves to collect squishmallows and plushies. Her favorite animals are dogs and cats. Allisson's favorite foods are pizza and tacos.

Allisson's forever family will provide her patience and consistency. Allisson's forever family will be able to spend a lot of time interacting with her. Allisson's family will provide her support, guidance, and love. Allision's forever family will understand the importance of acceptance and understanding.

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