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Amanda from Texas



from Texas

Amanda is a sweet and shy young girl who enjoys spending time with peers and friends. She can be a little quiet until she gets comfortable with you and knows you better. Amanda enjoys being active and spending time outdoors. She likes going to the park, roller skating, or just running around. She likes playing sports such as volleyball or basketball, and even participated in school athletics. Amanda loves art, especially coloring and drawing. She also really enjoys playing board games with friends and family, and really loves UNO! Amanda enjoys school and her favorite subjects are Math, Reading, and Spanish. She also really likes cooking and would like to go to culinary school to perfect her skills. Some of her favorite foods are spaghetti, hamburgers and fries.

Amanda would do well in a traditional two-parent household. She has expressed her wish to have both a mother and a father. Her forever family will be an active family that enjoys spending time together. She wishes to engage in family time, spending time together outdoors or playing sports. She would thrive with a family that can provide her with a loving, patient and nurturing home.

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