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Amaris from Texas



from Texas

Amaris is a fun-filled, outgoing and energetic girl who enjoys staying active. She looks forward to activities such as playing outdoors in parks, eating out, and, of course shopping! Amaris loves to accessorize her style with pretty bows, purses, and fashionable boots. She livens up the room when she enters with her bright smile, energetic persona, and playful nature. Amaris also enjoys quiet time at her home playing with her toys, coloring books, and watching movies. It is important to know that Amaris is an outspoken child that does well in school academically and strives to build friendships with her peers.

Kristen, Amaris, Alizay and Michael are very close knit sibling group. They are able to visit with each other at least twice a month and look forward to their visits very much. Kristen is the oldest sibling who loves to play and also ensure her younger siblings are doing well. Amaris is the second oldest, and is the life of the crowd, as she loves to take charge and engage her siblings in play. Alizay is the third oldest, appears to be shy, but warms up quickly and loves to have fun and play. Michael is the youngest, and loves to smile, play and win the hearts of his older sisters as they play. All four children desire to find a forever family together very soon and until then, value their time during sibling visits to continually grow their bond.

A family best suited for Amaris and her siblings is a two parent household. Amaris will respond well to having a mother who is very nurturing and supportive, but also firm in guiding her. She will also do well with a father who is protective and loving. Amaris will thrive with a family who is structured, with clear and concise expectations, who also offers much love and support.

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