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Amberlyn from Texas



from Texas

Amberlyn is a sweet, goal-oriented youth. She loves to read and is currently re-reading The Vampire Academy books. Amberlyn is already planning her next book series to read. She enjoys movies and going to the pool with her friends. Her favorite movie is Maleficent. Amberlyn makes friends easily and is an outgoing and kind girl. She enjoys fun food experiences, with one of her favorite snacks being Boba tea. Amberlyn is responsible and is looking forward to being able to get a part time job, possibly at an ice cream shop, so she can save money for a guitar. One of her dreams is to learn to play guitar and other instruments. Amberlyn would love to take lessons one day. She enjoys school, and she is excited but a little bit nervous about high school!

Amberlyn looks forward to joining her forever family. She will thrive with a single mother home or a strong, encouraging female caregiver. Amberlyn needs a family who will provide structure, stability, and love, while giving her the chance to grow as a young woman. Her family will encourage her education as well as her interests and dreams. She does well with independence, but she is looking for a home with other children, older and younger. She would love to be in a family that does activities on the weekend such as the park, walks and high school football games.

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