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Amour from Texas



from Texas

Amour has a great personality. He is strong-willed and determined and he really wants love and acceptance. Amour is a sweet and engaging child with a great sense of humor. He gets along best with children younger than him. Although Amour learns at a slower rate than other children his age, he is on-target in his classes at school. He utilizes resources and assistance to help him succeed. Amour is diagnosed with Epilepsy and has some other general health concerns. Amour shares a close bond with his foster mom. He loves eating at McDonald's, playing outside, and watching cartoons. Amour is currently learning sign language. Although he can become frustrated at times, with help from a loving family, Amour will flourish. He wants a family who will be creative and give him the loving environment he desires.

Omaria and Amour are very special children who are anxious to find a loving and caring forever family. They enjoy playing with each other and other children their age. Amour has a great personality that is a bright spot for his foster mom. He loves playing outside and eating at McDonald's. Omaria has a close bond with her foster mom. She loves to watch cartoons and play with her peers. This dynamic duo wants to be adopted together and have a home to call their own. Both children utilize resources and assistance in school to help them succeed and are doing well in their classes. With an active family, they will flourish and grow up happy together.

Amour and his sister, Omaria, need a home that will provide a lot of attention and structure. The two of them will be adopted together. They need a family that will love them for who they are and enjoy their sense of togetherness. Their forever family will commit to their medical and emotional needs and create an environment of trust. Amour and Omaria desire a family who enjoys being together as much as they do. Their family will need to establish appropriate boundaries, explain rules clearly, and enforce them with love. Their forever family will be sensitive to their cultural needs and allow them to feel proud of who they are becoming.

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