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Antwon from Texas



from Texas

Meet Antwon! He is a bright, funny and charming youth. Antwon is a typical teenager. He is very social, easy to get along with, and not afraid to speak his mind. He can be shy and timid at times but will open up once he is comfortable. Antwon is very wise for his age and has an extremely good heart. Antwon is very bonded and protective of all his siblings. He loves to play sports, with his favorites being football, basketball and track. Antwon enjoys going to the movies, jamming out to music, playing video games, going to sporting events, participating in family outings, or just hanging out with his friends. Antwon gets enjoyment out of positive praise. Some of his favorite foods are Korean, seafood and barbeque.

Antwon, Anthony and Ammir are very bonded to each other. Antwon is the oldest and he tends to be very protective of his siblings as he feels that is it his duty as the oldest. The three boys generally get along well together and actually like spending time together. Antwon likes to play sports and is very athletic, Anthony likes to play video games and watch TV, and Ammir is artistic and considers himself to be unique. These three are typical teenage boys with loss of laughing together. The boys enjoy going to the movies, riding bikes, and participating in family outings together. Their favorite activity is playing sports with each other and on occasion can get competitive with one another. They all love to eat, crack jokes, laugh and socialize.

Antwon wishes to be in a home where he can continue maintaining his sibling connections and relationships. His forever family will be one that is patient and understanding. His family will be structured and patient. Antwon wishes to have a loving and stable family where his family will support his biological connections.

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