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Anyah from Texas



from Texas

Anyah is an outspoken teenage girl with a sweet personality. She is strong willed and can do anything that she puts her mind to. When first meeting her, she appears quiet and reserved, but she will open up to others when she becomes comfortable with them. Anyah has many different interests which include playing outside in her neighborhood, listening to music on her radio, making bracelets, experimenting with makeup and fake nails, and playing on the computer and phone. She enjoys going out to eat and some of her favorite places to eat at are McDonald's and Chick-Fil-A. Anyah likes playing both indoors and outdoors. When spending time outside, she likes skating and playing on her hoover board. When spending time indoors, she enjoys watching television, especially SpongeBob and mysteries. She also enjoys putting puzzles together. She is a quick learner and likes to try new things. Anyah is a socialite, she makes friends easily and describes herself as popular. She enjoys going to school and favorite subjects are reading, math and art. She enjoys making new friends. She has expressed an interest in playing basketball or volleyball. Anyah aspires to become a veterinarian when she grows up.

Anyah is eager to be adopted. Her forever family will be one that provides her with love and support. Her family will commit to her needs while providing her with a stable and nurturing home environment. Anyah's family will be highly structured and consistent with rules. She does well with positive reinforcement. Anyah will thrive in a single or two parent home with parents who are very loving, patient, understanding and kind. She gets along with other children. However, she has expressed an interest in wanting to be the only child in the home or in a home that has older children. Anyah will benefit from a family who will be supportive of her needs.

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