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Arizona from Texas



from Texas

Arizona is a reserved, smart and observant young girl. She can be described as a typical teenager who enjoys participating in extracurriculars of her liking and socializing with her friends. Arizona is slow to reveal her emotions and feelings until she is comfortable enough to express herself. She enjoys activities such organizing, reading and painting. Arizona also enjoys having her own space where she can take time for herself. For fun, Arizona likes going to the zoo, watching tv, swimming, art and communicating with her friends. Arizona loves animals and has hopes of one day being a veterinarian! She is very compassionate towards animals. Arizona can engage well with peers her age and peers younger than her. She can also be a very empathetic girl and can relate well with others.

Arizona's forever family will be one that shows patience and is able to establish healthy communication. Her family will set reasonable expectations that are age appropriate. Arizona has expressed that she wants a mom and dad, with pets in the home. She will thrive with a family who is consistent and able to redirect any behavioral power struggles.

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