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Armando from Texas



from Texas

Armando is a shy young man. He can be shy at first, but after getting to know you a bit more, he will eventually come out of his shell. Armando is athletic youth. A quick game of basketball can help with getting to know him. Armando enjoys listening to music, and his favorite artist are Juice World and Lil Baby. He will tell you, he's got quite an appetite. He likes a variety of foods to include chicken tenders, pizza, and burgers. He recently discovered he has a love for Raisin' Canes. On his downtime, Armando likes to collect and play with Pokemon cards. As most kids his age, he enjoys playing video games and playing with electronics. He sometimes struggles socializing with other children but can usually be redirected. Armando will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Armando desires to be adopted by a two parent household with siblings. Armando says he wants "a whole family". His forever family will be patient and willing to help guide Armando with structure and love. Armando would do best with a strong father figure who can be very present and actively involved in Armando's life.

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