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Ashanti from Texas



from Texas

Ashanti is a passionate girl who enjoys being silly and playful with those she trusts. She can be reserved at first, but will warm up to you if you show interest in her and her interests. She loves to express her creativity through sketches and drawings. She enjoys gymnastics and hopes one day to grow up and teach it to others. She loves dancing and will only sing along with others unless she is alone without an audience. She has an interest in playing soccer and joining girl scouts or a church youth group. Ashanti does well academically. Some other interests of Ashanti are: playing video games, drawing, listening to music, and shopping. Her favorite food is bean and cheese tacos. She is passionate about the things she loves and puts her heart into everything she does. Visit me at the Bluebonnet Country Heart Gallery.

Ashanti is anxiously awaiting her forever family. She will do well with a family who is flexible, yet structured in their approach to caring for her. She needs a family who is involved with her on a deeper emotional level and will allow her to express her feelings. Ashanti also maintains family connections and is very attached to them. A family who is willing to develop a healthy relationship with these relatives for Ashanti's benefit will be ideal. It will also be beneficial for her family to have some knowledge or skill in working with a child with behavioral needs.

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