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Ashly from Texas



from Texas

Ashly is an outgoing and bubbly girl. When she first meets others, she can be very guarded and does not speak openly about her emotions. Once she feels comfortable, she will open up and establish rapport with others. Ashly enjoys coloring, dancing, shopping, painting and listening to music. She enjoys going to the Main Event and Urban Air. Ashly enjoys a variety of foods however her favorite foods are pizza, sushi, macaroni, and mash potatoes. She is bright and intellectually capable. Ashly has done well in school and is eager to learn and complete all her assignments. She has demonstrated that she is very capable of learning and picking up new skills. Ashly enjoys individual attention and time, and she is engaged when participating in supportive services. She gets along well with others, though she can become rambunctious at times. Ashly is making active efforts to improve her relationship with others, she continues to work on increasing her own social awareness and insight into how her behaviors or actions impact others. She is affectionate and loving towards others. Ashly is friendly and outgoing, especially when she feels she is part of the family. She desires to have a loving family to call her own. Ashly's future is promising when she receives the love, nurturing, patience, and support that she needs. She has so much to share with her forever family!

Ashly will thrive in a one or two-parent home. She wants to feel secure, loved unconditionally, and accepted. Ashly needs a family who is consistent and structured. She will benefit from a family who will provide her with the structure and guidance she needs daily into adulthood. Ashly will enjoy a family who is active, so she can have the opportunity to get out and do things. Her ideal family should be trauma informed and understand Ashly's needs. She would like a family who models and praises good behavior, in a loving, caring environment. Ashly will be a wonderful addition to any family!

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