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Ashlynn from Texas



from Texas

Ashlynn is very energetic, curious, determined, and loving child with a sunny disposition. She loves animals but can be timid at first with animals she doesn't know. Ashlynn loves being the center of attention. She thrives with positive reinforcement. Ashlynn enjoys playing outside and playing with her dolls. She loves being busy. Ashlynn can go back and forth between playing in the mud and putting on a princess dress. She loves watching television, taking trips to the park and the playground, swimming, playing games, and having her hair and nails done. Ashlynn enjoys school and receiving praise at school. She responds well with one-on-one attention and redirection. Ashlynn seems to always have a special spark in her eyes and a contagious giggle.

Ashlynn's forever family will provide her with unconditional love, structure, and appropriate discipline. She would do best as an only child in the home. Ashlynn has a sister who is not part of this adoption. It will be beneficial for her family to be open to maintaining contact with her. Her forever family will support her educational and behavioral needs. Ashlynn would thrive best in a family who will ensure that Ashlynn always feels supported. Ashlynn would love a family that has animals, where she can run around, and find new adventures!

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