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Aydian from Texas



from Texas

Aydian is a very active, energetic, and full of life little boy. He loves to be on the go and enjoys outdoor and indoor activities and can be competitive when called for. Aydian loves to run around and likes to play sports such as football, basketball and soccer. He loves to play card games and video games as well. Aydian's favorite food is pizza, burgers, nuggets and slushies. Aydian enjoys school and does well in math and reading. With encouragement and patience, Aydian can continue to do well in school as he is extremely smart and can finish his work quickly and correctly. Aydian is very forthcoming with his feelings and emotions and is learning to express them. Aydian enjoys getting rewarded for good behavior and praised when called for. He can be affectionate and loves to be shown back the love and attention.

Aydian's forever family will be one who is willing to be patient, reassuring and understanding. He would like a family that is affectionate and willing to learn with him as he grows. He will thrive in a two-parent home that provides a strong sense of routine and rules, as this is what helps him excel.

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