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Barbara from Texas



from Texas

Barbara, who often goes by B, is a sweet youth who does great in school. She is placed in some advanced classes and wishes to become a child life specialist or pediatric nurse when she is older. B is very active and particularly likes dance and cheerleading. When she's not on the move, she likes to be creative by playing the guitar, singing, and journaling. She loves being able to have the normal teen experience by doing things like attending football games, going to the movies, and hanging out with friends. B is eager to have her first job and has started applying to get work experience. She also enjoys volunteering her time to help others. She is talkative, funny, and likes getting to know those around her.

B hopes for a family that is willing to accept her unconditionally and lets her be a teenager. She would do best with a family that is able to hold consistent boundaries, while also using a sense of humor. She would likely do best as an only child or as the youngest child in the family. B has a large support network in the Central Texas area that she would like to remain in contact with long-term. She would also like her family to be open to her having a connection with her biological parents. B needs a supportive family who can help her navigate the ups and downs of becoming a young adult.

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