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Beaux from Texas



from Texas

Beaux is very loving boy. He has a huge, kind heart and he never meets a stranger. He is able to communicate easily with others. Beaux's sweet demeanor is addictive. Beaux is happy playing alone or with others in a small group. He follows direction well and is easily guided through a task with instruction. He requires patience and frequent prompts and visual, hands-on instruction. Beaux is a helpful boy. He loves to be praised for his success. He enjoys spending time with people that he loves. Beaux enjoys laughing and having a fun time. He enjoys school and being with his peers. He rides the bus to school and does very well on the transport. Beaux does very well at school. Beaux likes to play video games. He is limited on his video screen time. Beaux is also very excited to play with and speak about action superhero figures and cartoon characters. He is able to talk about the characters and their magical powers. Beaux also enjoys dinosaurs. He knows all the names of the dinosaurs. He enjoys pretending he is a dinosaur and becomes very animated. Beaux has so much to share with his new family. So brush up on your super hero knowledge and be ready to be entertained by him. There is never a dull moment when Beaux is present!

Beaux and Britain are both very loving boys who are full of life and show an overwhelming kindness towards animals and children who are younger than them. Although their verbal communication skills are limited, this does not limited their bond with each other. Beaux and Britain enjoy laughing and playing with each other. Beaux is always willing and eager to be by Britain's side experiencing all the new things that they are learning and exploring as young children. They love to be read to, play with blocks or Legos, and play outside. Beaux is able to understand what is being asked of him more than Britain. Beaux is always willing to try to help Britain if he does not understand. Beaux loves to make others laugh and enjoys making his brother laugh, too. Both boys are extremely curious of their environment and love to explore everything around them. Together these brothers have an extraordinary amount of love for each other. Visit us at the

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