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Beaux from Texas



from Texas

Beaux is very loving boy. He has a huge, kind heart and is incredibly personable. He is able to communicate easily with others. His sweet demeanor is addictive. He enjoys laughing and having a fun time. He enjoys playing video games and with action figures. Beaux is happy playing alone or with others in a small group. He follows direction well and is easily guided through a task with instruction. He requires patience and frequent prompts and visual, hands-on instruction. Beaux is a helpful boy. He loves to be praised for his success. He enjoys spending time with people that he loves. He enjoys school and being with his peers. Beaux does very well at school and has so much to share with his new family. So brush up on your super hero knowledge and be ready to be entertained by him. There is never a dull moment when Beaux is present!

Beaux's forever family will take the time needed to understand his emotional and behavioral needs. They will advocate for those needs in the school system, with supportive services, and other various providers. The parenting style which will be best for Beaux is a style that is structured, calming, patient, and is able to provide careful supervision. His family will understand that Beaux will need support in various areas of his life through adulthood. He does well with dogs.

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