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Bianca from Texas



from Texas

Bianca is a creative youth who is very optimistic and has a talent for seeing the positive in any hurdle she may come across. She loves sports, she's participated in her most recent basketball team as the team manager. However, Bianca loves any chance she may get to have fun and play different sports. She can often be caught listening and singing along to every type of genre of music, and she also enjoys dancing. Bianca thrives when it comes to self-expression, using dance, music, art, etc. She likes to draw, and she's currently focusing on improving her charcoal-based art. Bianca is not a picky eater. Her favorite food is Taco Bell, specifically their Cinnabon snacks. Bianca would like to learn how to be a nail technician in the future as she keeps up with doing her own nails often. However, she has also recently expressed wanting to be an attorney in the future. In her downtime, she likes watching movies. Her favorite movies are Marvel moves or action movies.

Bianca would like a two-parent family with a mother and father, or with a very involved single mother. She will benefit from a family who will accept her and make her comfortable expressing herself around. Bianca would not mind having older or younger siblings. She loves animals, so pets are a major plus. Bianca communicates with siblings who are not in care, and she would appreciate a family who will encourage her to maintain positive contact with her siblings.

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