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Bobby from Texas



from Texas

Bobby is a very bright, loving, and caring child. He will benefit from a family who sets rules and boundaries. Bobby is a cute and quirky boy who needs a loving and patient family. He has a vivid imagination and likes to joke around. Bobby likes French fries and playing with dinosaur toys. He has enjoyed attending church activities. Bobby enjoys being outdoors and camping. Building models and riding bikes are a couple of his favorite activities. He has made vast improvements in recognizing his behaviors and learning appropriate ways to deal with them in a pro-social way. Bobby can talk about his feelings and is learning ways to develop trust and healthy relationships. Visit me at the The Greater Wichita Falls Area Heart Gallery.

Bobby will benefit from an active family who has a busy schedule and clear rules. He may enjoy living with a family who has land so he can be adventurous and ride his bike in open spaces. Bobby will thrive in a family who can give him individualized attention. It might be best if Bobby is the youngest child in the home because of his desire to have individualized attention. He will need to have his own room as well. Bobby will need ongoing supportive services as he transitions into his forever family.

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