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Bobby from Texas



from Texas

Bobby is a bright, fun-loving, and caring child with a big heart who would love to be a part of a forever family. He is quirky, willing to try anything, and enjoys all things fun. Bobby has a vivid imagination and likes to joke around. He loves being outdoors, riding his bike, working out, fishing, eating ice cream and spicy foods, listening to music, and playing video games. Bobby is very curious, loves all things trucks, and wants to be a truck driver when he grows up. He is also interested in farming and gardening, likes to dress in country attire like cowboy hats and boots, and has shown intuitive skills with building things. When Bobby is passionate about something, it becomes a part of his identity and makes it easy for him to find different motivators related to his passions.

Bobby will benefit from an active family who has a busy schedule and structured rules. He enjoys being outdoors and camping. He would enjoy living with a family who has land so he can be adventurous and ride his bike in open spaces. He would do best with a family who can give him individualized attention. It might be best if Bobby is the youngest child in the home because of his desire to have individualized attention. He will need to have his own room as well.

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