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Brayden from Texas



from Texas

Brayden is a sweet and funny young man. He enjoys playing video games and can explain any video game rules/directions to anyone. He is very smart and can articulate things well. Brayden likes to joke around and play different games with his peers. He also enjoys being outside going to the park, swimming, basketball, and having fun at six flags. Brayden is a very intelligent child. His favorite subject in school is science. Additional supports in school aides Brayden in reaching achievements. He is an overall friendly and nice young man. He strives to be respectful to adults in his life and wants to make the right choices. Although he has had many changes, he is very resilient. When he grows up, Brayden has a desire to be a veterinarian or a YouTube Star.

Brayden's forever family will be loving. His family will not give up on him when he has a bad day. Brayden will do well in a two-parent home. He will do best if he is the youngest child where he can model other children. His family will be patient and understand that Brayden needs positive support and feedback. His family will provide a routine and good structure in the home as well. It is important for Brayden to receive positive feedback when doing something well, and consistent consequences.

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