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Brianna from Texas



from Texas

Brianna is an active young girl who loves to dance her way through life. She also enjoys swimming, going to the park, and playing outside. Brianna is a budding fashionista and likes to spend time painting her nails, playing dress up, and practicing putting on makeup. However, Brianna also enjoys going outside and climbing trees or playing with animals. Brianna finds joy in making others laugh and usually has a big smile on her face. She is working on learning constructive ways to express her needs to her caregivers and build trust with those around her. Brianna does very well with peers, especially those who are older than her and who can be a positive role model for her.

Brianna will thrive in a two-parent family with older siblings in the home. Her family will be patient with Brianna as she works on building a trusting relationship with them. Brianna sometimes struggles with expressing her feelings and trusting her needs will be met. Brianna will do best with caregivers who offer her positive attention and make her feel safe. Her family will be proactive, understanding, and flexible. Brianna would acclimate better to a home that is structured.

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