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Brianna from Texas



from Texas

Brianna is a creative teenage girl. She enjoys arts, crafts, puzzles, make-up, roller skating, and creating outfits. She use her creativity to help her cool down whenever she feels emotional. She is also creative in the kitchen and enjoys cooking and helping others cook. Brianna is currently involved with dance class and equine therapy- she loves horses! She is learning how to share and how to transition between activities, especially if it involves cleaning up after herself. She responds well to redirection and follow-up to help her stay on task as she often gets distracted. Like other kids her age, she tends to follow the first thought that comes to her mind. She is learning how to interact with peers as she is working on being more socially aware. She is a strong advocate for herself, especially when she does not feel heard or if she feels she is being put down. When she does not make good choices, Brianna responds best to re-do's. Brianna will be a great addition to a loving forever family.

Brianna's forever family will be able to meet her where she is and be willing to build a lasting connection with her. A two-parent home will offer Brianna the most support and she would benefit from a parent who can stay at home or have a flexible schedule to meet her educational, emotional, and behavioral needs. Brianna has a strong desire for connection and to fit in with her peers. Brianna's forever family will help her navigate peer relationships in a healthy manner and will help her build social skills. Her family will advocate for her as needed. Brianna would do well with a family that has pets. Brianna would do best with children who are older than her who can be positive role models.

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