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Brittany from Texas



from Texas

Brittany is an outspoken teenage girl with a sweet personality. She is outgoing and makes friends easily. She loves hanging out with her friends both at school and on weekends. Brittany enjoys doing arts and crafts, singing and dancing. Brittany enjoys being involved at school and doing school activities. Her favorite subject is English, and her least favorite is geometry. Brittany is in the color guard at school. Brittany says that she loves dressing up and performing at the football games; however, she states that winter guard is her favorite part of the color guard since it gives her a chance to compete. She says that she lives to compete during winter guard. Brittany has an immense spirit. She enjoys indoor and outdoor activities. She enjoys being outside in the sun and around nature. When inside, she likes playing on the phone, doing makeup, baking, and talking to her friends. Brittany is creative and enjoys writing poems to capture her inner thoughts and feelings. She hopes to inspire others through her use of words. Brittany expresses her feelings and emotions very well. She is a teenager who knows what she wants for herself.

Brittany's forever family will provide for her long-term needs. Brittany's family will provide her with love and support. Her family will be committed to her while providing her with the attention and guidance she needs to be successful. Brittany's family will be highly structured, consistent with rules, and will be able to provide a lot of stability. Her family will provide her with normalcy, as she conquers these teenage years. She loves her school and the friendships that she has developed these past few years. It is important for her to remain in close contact with her peers. The best suitable family for her would be a single or two-parent home that will have time to ensure that all of her needs are met. Her parents will be loving, patient, understanding, and kind. Brittany would like to be the only child. Brittany's family will have community resources to help support Brittany needs. Brittany hopes to have a family that loves and appreciates her for who she is.

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