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Brooklynn from Texas



from Texas

Brooklynn's bright smile radiate a sweetness that lights up any room she enters. Despite facing obstacles in her young life, she maintains a positive outlook, showing remarkable resilience and strength that allow her to move forward even when times are hard. Beyond her positive spirit, Brooklynn is bursting with energy and creativity. Dance and music are her passions, providing her with outlets to express herself and connect with her emotions. Her love for the performing arts spills over into school as she has participated in choir performances at her school for the past few years. Brooklynn is thoughtful and caring. She is also inquisitive and likes to ask thought-provoking questions about life in general, as well as her life situation. Brooklynn loves all types of animals but says that dogs are her favorite. Brooklynn likes to play with LOL dolls and American Doll sets. She loves roller-skating, riding her bike and scooter, swimming, and playing outside with her friends.

Brooklynn will do best with a family who has a mom and a dad or two moms. She interacts well with other children and animals, and she wants to have siblings she can grow up with and play with! Brooklynn desires a family who is patient and understanding and will help her feel like she belongs and is loved. Brooklynn would benefit from a family that is caring and loving and patient. She would enjoy a family that is involved with activities outside of the home, such as sports or church activities. She would also like a family that would pay attention to and support her interests and activities.

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