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Cacious from Texas



from Texas

Cacious is a friendly, talkative male. He has a very loving personality. He has a love for basketball, swimming, and playing video games. With support and guidance, he's most successful in school when given the support of his caregivers. He thrives off structure and is most successful when given options and is able to make choices. Cacious may benefit from behavioral redirection at times. He is learning coping skills that will help him to better manage his behaviors. He has a lot of big feelings and will continue to need the support of a therapist and an adoptive family. He receives extra support at school which has allowed him to attend class with his same age peers. Cacious will benefit from continued support from his caregivers and school staff. He will make a great addition to a loving forever family.

Cacious will succeed in a home where he receives unconditional love, support and guidance. He will do best with an active family who is willing to keep him involved in extracurricular activities. He would benefit from a two-parent home that is structured and consistent. His forever family will be committed to meeting his needs to become successful in his future goals and being part of a family. His forever family will be patient, attentive, encouraging, and active. His family will set clear expectations and value a structured but flexible environment. He would benefit from one on one time with his adoptive parents.

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