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Chance from Texas



from Texas

Chance is a very outgoing child who loves to be outside. He loves to play basketball, ride a skateboard and especially playing football. He would love to have siblings in the home, he would like them to be around his age so they can interact with each other. He does well with young children, he is patient and kind. Chance loves to do things for others and takes any opportunity to help others. He cares about others feelings and does not like to see kids bullied or adults disrespected. He can be very respectful to all adults and authority figures. He always uses yes ma'am/yes sir and is always eager to help out when asked. He wants to attend public school so he can play football on a team. Chance will be a great addition to a loving forever family.

Chance would like to have a traditional family with a mother and father. He does well with younger siblings and is patient and kind. He likes animals but does not have a lot of experience with being a pet owner.

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