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Charles from Texas



from Texas

Introducing Charles! He is an energetic and spirited boy who is outgoing and easy to talk to. He loves playing basketball and football and going to the park. He also enjoys putting Legos together and playing board games. His favorite color is red, followed closely by black and purple. He loves pizza, hamburgers and fries; his favorite restaurants are Dairy Queen, Whataburger and Subway. Charles does well in school and attends the Boys and Girls Club after-school program. He can sometimes get easily distracted and benefits from frequent reminders to stay on task. Charles is learning practical conflict-resolution coping skills. He is very witty and loves to laugh. He uses humor to connect with other people. Charles does well with routine and structure and would like to be in the military when he grows up. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Charles' forever family will be active and enjoys being outside. His family will be calm and doesn't react with more anger whenever he gets angry. He loves one on one attention and would do better in a home where he is the youngest child. Charles' forever family will provide structure and routine.

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