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Christaun from Texas



from Texas

Christaun, who likes to be called 'Chris, enjoys being outside. He takes pride in being trustworthy and able to learn and do new things independently. He knows how to sort his laundry and use the washer and dryer with minimal supervision. Chris likes to help BBQ and watches closely so he can learn how to do it on his own when he is older. He has excelled in adopting and using healthier coping skills. He has learned more positive ways to problem-solve and respond to peers. Chris likes going to school and loves sharing his knowledge with caregivers. He takes pride in demonstrating how an answer is achieved by using his newly learned math skills. He is social and likes talking with old and new friends. Chris is determined in his desire to advance his basketball skills so that he can join the school team.

Chris' forever family will be committed, loving and attentive to his needs. A small, traditional family; of one or two children would be preferable. Chris will thrive in a family unit where he receives individualized attention and guidance. The family will be patient and understanding as Chris adjusts to his new home. Chris wants to build a supportive connection with the family and strengthen his social skills through sibling bonds. The family will prepare for an adventure as Chris becomes a young adult.

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