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Craig from Texas



from Texas

Craig is a happy child who is currently in grade school. He loves Math and exploring. He enjoys arts and crafts and playing outside. He is interested in playing basketball and soccer. He does better at completing one task at a time; he does not do well with multitasking. He sometimes test the boundaries of caregivers in order to get what he wants. He enjoys meeting new people and loves becoming a role model. He has difficulty expressing himself appropriately when frustrated. He can be sporadic at times and tends to lose interest easily. He thrives on having one on one attention. He will require a family who will be patient with him when he gets in trouble or becomes upset. When Craig is upset, it is best to diffuse or minimize the issue by allowing him to take a walk or have a moment. Once Craig has calmed down, the issue can be revisited. visit me at

Craig will benefit from a two parent or single parent home. He has expressed he would like to have a family who will love and take care of him forever. He enjoys being active, learning, and experiencing new things so a family who can engage him in activities to further his experiences will be ideal. His forever family will be involved in outdoor and community activities. Craig will thrive in a home where he is able to have individual attention, structure and a daily routine.

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