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Damahri from Texas



from Texas

Damahri is a sweet, polite, and athletic child. He loves sports and hopes to one day play football for his favorite team, which is the Dallas Cowboys! He is currently on his Junior High basketball team and has had a winning season. He is really into sports and would love to attend some sporting events in the future! He would benefit from a strong father figure role model who can take him on those sporting adventures and practice with him outside. When he isn't playing football and basketball outside, he is inside playing video games. He is very polite and loves one on one attention that he has rarely had in his life. He does really well in school when he is motivated and will continue to thrive with the right forever family.

Damahri's forever family will be consistent with their discipline and patient with him while he is adjusting to a new setting and boundaries. With his love of sports it would be beneficial for him to have a parents that share that interest. He would do best in a family that can help him cultivate his interests and allow him to be involved in activities such as football and basketball. He also enjoys playing video games and reading books. The ideal family would be one that is active in family activities and spends a fair amount of time engaged in outings/events outside the home. He would also do best in a home where he can be the center of attention. If there are siblings Damahri would need to be the youngest.

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