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Damerious from Texas



from Texas

Damerious is a very happy boy who is very playful and energetic. He can be bold and daring at times. He likes both indoor and outdoor activities. He loves playing outside and loves to ride his bicycle. He also likes playing with his tablet when he cannot be outside. He is very smart and enjoys learning. He likes going to school and loves learning. He is learning to learn use his coping skills in the classroom and at home. He is attends in person school which he enjoys. Damerious loves to play with other boys his age and he loves to be in charge of choosing games to play. He is very mannerable and charming youth. Damerious would be a terrific addition to a loving forever family.

Damerious forever family will be committed to providing him with a safe and loving home where he can express himself. His forever family will be supportive and advocate to provide all resources needed to help him continue to to grow. His forever family will provide structure and a strong, loving home environment. He would do best with a family who is able to be consistent with daily routines, expectations, and rules/rewards. His forever family will provide a strong support system and be knowledgeable of resources available to ensure a smooth transition for him into his forever home

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