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Danny from Texas



from Texas

Danny has a great smile and laugh and a big heart. He is a typical teenager and has a healthy appetite. Danny likes to express himself through his clothing choices and likes to wear Jordans. He enjoys riding go-karts. Danny likes to fish and go to arcades. He especially likes to play laser tag and go bowling. His favorite game to play on the PS4 is Minecraft. He is creative and also takes pleasure in making crafts like bracelets. Danny has big goals for his future. He likes to tinker with computers and wants to enter a career in the technology industry. He is also considering a career in construction. Danny enjoys participating in family activities and looks forward to being part of a family that will nurture him and shows him the love he yearns for.

Danny longs for a family to love and one who will love him in return. His forever family will maintain a routine. His family will set and maintain clear, consistent boundaries and discuss guidelines with him. His forever family will be role models who will teach him self-respect, appropriate relationship-building skills, and trust. His forever family will be patient and willing to give him time to open up and feel safe. Danny needs a loving family who will show him they are supportive and loving no matter what. His family will provide structure, offer encouragement, and provide him with individual attention. Danny's forever family will guide, encourage, and support him in making better choices and thinking about the consequences of his actions into adulthood. The ideal family will be able to access and utilize resources for a child diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

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