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Davin from Texas



from Texas

Davin is a fun-loving boy who enjoys living life to the fullest. He likes to laugh and typically has a positive attitude. He is always optimistic and enjoys conversation about the topics he finds interesting. He especially enjoys talking about video games. He likes participating in organized sports, primarily soccer and football. Davin enjoys academics and learning at school. He loves to learn, and his favorite school subjects are math, science, and physical education. Davin really enjoys being outside. He enjoys climbing, running, throwing a ball, and jumping on a trampoline. He also enjoys building model cars and airplanes. He has a lot of friends and can be a very outgoing young man. Davin would like to work in the construction field when he is older.

When Harmony and Davin spend time together, they get along very well. They both love to laugh and enjoy telling each other jokes. Davin always seems to know exactly how to make his sister laugh and feel better when she is down. Harmony really cares about her big brother and frequently makes him birthday cards and writes him letters. Harmony and Davin enjoy going to the park, playing sports, hanging out and eating at restaurants with each other. They both openly talk about their schools, life, and their dreams of growing up. Davin and Harmony have a strong bond. When these siblings get together, they light up and their laughter is infectious. Both Harmony and Davin will be a wonderful addition to a loving forever family.

Davin would do well in a single parent or dual parent foster home. He would enjoy having adoptive siblings to spend time with. Davin's forever family will be active and allow him to participate in extracurricular activities. His forever family will be caring and supportive of him into adulthood.

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