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Deon from Texas



from Texas

Deon is a very active child who enjoys playing with toys and listening to music. His favorite toys are those that play music and he likes putting puzzles together. He also likes any toy that is interactive and responds with a smile when he hears music. He enjoys being outdoors running or walking on sunny days. He enjoys eating peanut butter, pizza and chicken alfredo. He also enjoys crackers and fruit snacks. While Deon has some verbal limitations, he is able to understand several instructions. He often times appears to be in his own world but will sometimes acknowledge others around him. Deon knows how to clean up after himself, wash his hands, and throw trash away. He gives a hardy laugh when he is assisted with putting on deodorant. His forever family will understand his need to feel love and accepted.

Deon's forever family will understand the challenges of raising a child on the Autism spectrum. Deon's family will be consistent with schedules and routines and will not deviate from them too often. His family will provide him with one on one time and give him love and support would best meet his needs.

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