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Destiny from Texas



from Texas

Destiny is a loving child who enjoys spending time with others. She can be a little shy at first, but as she gets to know you she opens up and shares her big smile. She has an active imagination and likes to play with her friends. She is creative and can often be found working on arts and crafts while listening to music. She loves animals and her number one wish is to become part of a forever family who has a dog. Destiny is a bright girl who will benefit from guidance, reassurance and encouragement to assist her with reaching her full potential. She has a lot of energy and enjoys staying active.

The family that will best meet Destiny's needs will be patient, loving, and nurturing. Ideally, the family will be active and keep Destiny engaged in organized extracurricular activities, such as sports, scouts or crafting groups. Of course, love is at the top of Destiny's list when looking for a forever family.

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