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Dominick from Texas



from Texas

Dominick is a sweet, energetic, and social young boy. Dominick has a very friendly personality and loves to laugh at jokes. He loves to play with his cars and always likes for others to play with him. He has a small toy car collection and likes to show them off to others. Dominick is hopeful that he can collect more cars. He enjoys coloring and expresses his words in pictures through his own drawings. Dominick loves to eat McDonalds, pizza, and chicken. He is very creative and likes to build using Legos. Other activities Dominick likes to do is ride his bike, play tag with others, listen to music, playing games, and watch movies. He loves to be complimented on his achievements, which motivates and encourages him to do better. Dominick is working on expressing his emotions by accepting responsibility and apologizing right away. He is very helpful around the house and does very well when he is told what to do. Dominick will benefit from a loving family with structure that will be patient with him and provide him with positive reinforcement.

Bella and Dominick have a very close connection and enjoy playing with each other. Bella is a loving, kind, and friendly child who loves to draw, read, and dance. Dominick is sweet, energetic and social. He loves to play with his toy cars and Legos. Bella and Dominick have great social interactions with other children and they easily make friends with kids their own age. Since Bella is the oldest, she tends to take a parental role with her brother, and she is very protective of him. Both Bella and Dominick enjoy being outdoors playing games, riding bikes, and they enjoy watching movies as a family.

Dominick will do best in a two-parent household with a greater level of supervision. He will benefit from a structured home with caregivers who are patient and understanding of his behaviors. His family will seek and follow-through with any recommended therapeutic interventions. His caregivers should be proactive, understanding, and flexible.

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