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Donovan from Texas



from Texas

Donovan is talkative and likes to help others and to play. He loves to play on any phone or tablet, which kind of calms him down. Donovan also likes to expand his academic knowledge and will even give himself homework at times to challenge himself. He enjoys learning and has progressed in drawing alphabet letters, shapes, and numbers. Donovan is often described as very smart, and he receives accolades and positive feedback from his teacher saying that he is a hard worker. His favorite activities are playing with toys, watching cartoons or the news, coloring, and playing with others. Donovan is often described as being silly and humorous and he enjoys telling jokes. He has a very social personality and has great relationship skills. Donovan makes friends easily and enjoys interacting and playing with other children. He has a down to earth personality and is a joy to be around. Overall, Donovan continues to enhance his strengths, interests, and personality through everyday tasks including various supportive services, school, and recreational activities. Donovan is a happy kid who loves to speak to everyone!

Donovan will benefit from a highly structured and supportive home environment that will provide consistent discipline and nurturance, as well as close supervision. His family will provide guidance and supervision to ensure his safety and sense of security. Donovan may also benefit from contact with his siblings and/or maternal grandparents to maintain a sense of family unity, as deemed appropriate by his treatment team.

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