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Dustin from Texas



from Texas

Dustin is a very charismatic teenager who is very loyal to his friends and enjoys hanging out with them. He is extraverted and likes to be the center of attention. Dustin can also be laid back and enjoys relaxing activities. He is very passionate about what he believes in and is not afraid to advocate for himself or others. Dustin is very determined and does not quit when things get hard. If he sets his mind to something he will do whatever it takes for him to succeed. Like most teenagers, Dustin enjoys playing video games. He also enjoys learning about the newest things happening around him. He enjoys going to movies, and riding bicycles with others. He enjoys going on outings and was particularly excited when he got to ride go carts! Dustin likes spending time outdoors and with the people he cares about.

Dustin will benefit from a two-parent home. His forever family will provide him with a structured home environment. Dustin responds well to rules and does well with positive, supportive conversations and parents that that will ensure he understands the rules. Dustin likes to be on the go, so an active family is preferred. He would love a family to play basketball with, go swimming with or just hang out at the house with for a Tuesday game night. Dustin's family will be a loving family who will be there to guide him throughout his life and teach him how to make good choices. Dustin does not care if his forever family lives in the city or country. The ideal family for Dustin will be a dedicated family.

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