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Dylan from Texas



from Texas

Dylan is a loving and active little boy. He is full of energy, constantly on the go and prefers to be exploring his environment rather than watching television. Dylan is autistic, non-verbal and loves to eat. He is not a picky eater, and to date, there has been nothing that he will not eat. Dylan is a clever and persistent child. He is very intelligent, an observer and an explorer. Dylan likes to people-watch outside the window to see what others are doing. One of his favorite activities is opening and closing doors. Dylan is curious to see what he will find behind each door. Although Dylan is non-verbal, he is learning new ways to express his wants and needs. Dylan is starting to point and occasionally makes sounds to express his desires. He enjoys receiving hugs and cuddles.

Dylan will do best in a two-parent household due to the level of supervision he needs. Dylan will benefit from caregivers who are knowledgeable about autism and who will seek and continue therapeutic interventions. His family will be proactive, understanding, and flexible. Dylan will acclimate better to a structured home environment. Dylan loves to explore the world around him, so keeping him safe would need to be a priority for his family. Dylan's forever family will understand how to care for children with autism and intellectual disabilities. Dylan requires reinforcement and praise for his positive behaviors, and he does well with a structured schedule and routine.

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