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Edmund from Texas



from Texas

EJ is a sweet and kind young man who loves to smile. He loves to play video games and watch TV. He also enjoys football, basketball, and even theater! He appears shy but warms up quickly to others and likes to ask questions. He enjoys making friends and gravitates towards peers younger than him. When he is asked to do something he doesn't want to do, He can be persuasive to try to get out of it. He often has creative ways of avoiding responsibility and is learning to take accountability for his own actions. He responds best to positive reinforcement and being given praise. He seeks out approval from his caregivers and loves to hear that he did a good job on something. When he is upset, he goes to his room to cool down. He is learning coping skills to help his to express his emotions appropriately and to think before he acts. EJ enjoys school and does well when he is offered assistance and support in completing and turning in assignments.

EJ's wants a two-parent home that is both active and okay with down time. His forever family will like to travel with him and stay home and play games at times too. EJ wants a forever family that has siblings and pets, he would do best as the youngest child in the home. EJ's family will be patient and committed to helping him learn how to make good choices and manage his own emotions. His forever home will offer a structured environment that is highly nurturing. They will be skilled at offering praise and reward when he does a good job and giving him space when he is upset. EJ's forever family will encourage him to explore activities he's interested in.

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