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Elias from Texas



from Texas

Elias, who also goes by Eli, is an active boy. He is affectionate and is appreciative of any gifts that are given to him. He is sweet natured, but needs redirection and encouragement when he becomes frustrated. Elias likes to ride his bike, play video games, watch educational television shows, play basketball and football, and spend time with neighborhood friends. His favorite football team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. During summer breaks, he enjoys participating in activities through the local Boys and Girls Club. Elias enjoys school so much that he has been known to become upset during the weekend, because he cannot go to school until Monday. He receives pleasure in playing the trombone in his school band and also seems to enjoy the socialization that the school setting provides. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of El Paso.

Elias needs a family who can provide him with a great deal of patience, consistency, structure and supervision. Ideally he will have a two-parent family, with a strong support system. The best family for Elias will be an active family, as he enjoys sports and family outings.

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