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Elizabeth from Texas



from Texas

Elizabeth is an energetic, loving, and smart child with many interests! She enjoys being outside playing at parks or playgrounds and going swimming. Elizabeth loves to do arts and crafts and go shopping. She also likes to color and draw. She enjoys participating in soccer, playing with her kindle, and catching the latest film releases at her local movie theater or watching movies at home. Elizabeth can be picky about what she eats but is willing to try new things. Her favorite dishes are pepperoni or sausage pizza, hamburgers with fries, and chicken nuggets. Her favorite subjects in school are math, science and social studies. Elizabeth enjoys having visits with her brother. Elizabeth is very smart and does well in school overall. This precious girl is full of love to share and ready to receive the love of a family who will protect and treasure her.

Elizabeth will do best with a two-parent family who functions as a team and are naturally able to provide structure. She will thrive with a family who is understanding and loving. She will do best in a home that has siblings her age or older or a home with no other children. She hopes her forever family will be involved in school functions, extracurricular activities, and outings. Elizabeth wishes for an older sister and a mom and dad that will be her "Forever Family." Elizabeth does not have a preference if her family lives in the city or in the country. She would like a family that lives in Texas, as she has a sibling with whom she would like to maintain contact with via phone calls, visits, or skyping. However, she is open to moving out of state as long as she is able to have contact with her brother in some fashion.