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Ezekiel from Texas



from Texas

Ezekiel is happy and very curious about life. He enjoys exploring his surroundings and asking lots of questions about what he is observing. Ezekiel is very active and enjoys running and playing with Nerf guns outside. He likes to participate in sport, such as football and basketball. He also enjoys hiking, riding his bicycle, fishing, going for a swim. Ezekiel loves to build with Legos or other building materials. He also to likes to relax in the house, watching cartoons, funny movies or playing video games. Ezekiel likes to do art, especially painting or coloring with crayons. he enjoys playing with other children, but he does best with older children. In school, his favorite classes are science, art, and math. Ezekiel's favorite foods are spaghetti, hamburgers, and ice cream.

Ezekiel's forever family will be experienced and structured and patient. Ezekiel would be best suited with a family who has older siblings who can lead by example, to help guide, support him. He should be the youngest child in his home. He enjoys playing with animals and would benefit from pets that he can spend time with and learn to take care of. He would do well in either or one or two parent home. His forever family will help him with daily living even into his adult years. His family will help him with daily living, well into adulthood, including routine tasks such as maintaining hygiene, meal preparation, and household maintenance. His family will advocate for Ezekiel in a school environment to help him meet his full academic potential.

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