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Faith from Texas



from Texas

Faith is a smart girl with an assertive personality! Initially, she shies away when meeting new people, but once she warms up, she is very social, honest, and forthcoming with the people who she trusts. Faith is very loving and protective towards those she cares about. She enjoys spending time with friends and having visits with her siblings. Faith has a goal to attend college for psychology and hopes to become a psychiatrist one day. She has worked hard to get where she is academically. Faith is also very involved in school extracurricular activities like 4H club, volleyball team, and band. Staying active and involved in the community greatly improves her moods. Faith is very open-minded and loves to explore. She enjoys listening to music, playing sports, learning to apply make-up, swimming, playing with animals, and hanging out with friends.

Faith desires a two-parent home with one or two siblings of any age. She will thrive in a home where she can get individual attention from her parents. She is hopeful that her forever family will continue to support and encourage her to maintain contact with her sibling, who is not a part of this adoption. Faith loves to stay active and a family who will keep her involved in extracurricular activities is a must. Her family will provide age appropriate supervision, structure, routine, while understanding that she needs support throughout her life into adulthood.

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